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Founded in 1964, Breezy Pines Farm was once a working horse farm. In 2000, Heather Thurber converted parts of the grazing pasture into biodynamic gardens. Now in its twenty second year of operation, Breezy Pines Farm produces medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, vegetables and berries all from the farm's own heirloom, homegrown seed.  

The farm is private, not open to the public. For more information about the farm:

contact Heather Thurber  no phone solicitations.

Stewards of the Earth:

Heather Thurber is a traditionally trained community herbalist, working closely with plant medicine since 1994. A master gardener, specializing in medicinal plants, flowers & beekeeping she combines her knowledge of botanical formulation with medicinal aromatherapy to handcraft an award-winning collection of medicines.  

Our honeybees are locally sourced and live in ten cedar Langsorth hives in the cool shade of the surrounding pine grove. Helping to pollinate the farm gardens, our honeybees collect from the surrounding nature preserve & forest. Our honey is a rich golden color and captures the flavor of the wildflowers & pines.

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