Breezy Pines Farm

  Biodynamic Herbal Apothecary  and  Holisitic Healthcare Services


Welcome to Breezy Pines Farm's kitchen apothecary!

All of our products are handcraffted in small batches with farm grown herbs + honeycomb combining sustainable, organic ingredients that are carefully sourced to lessen our carbon footprint. Our products are not regulated by the fda and are not meant to replace preexisiting medical treatments.  Please check with your healthcare provider to make sure all ingredients are safe for you to use/consume.

please note: any products that are sold out are being made spring 2020 and will be back in stock once they are ready! Our apothecary is run by one woman with a lot of heart, so well worth the wait!

contact farm owner: heather thurber @ [email protected] for more into


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